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Begining Graduate School

Hi, I just started a new graduate program at the Center for Advanced Defense Studies in Washington D.C. where I'm studying to get my masters in WMD defense. I attended my first class "Detection of Biological Production" last night and was surprised to find that there were only 10 other students and the instructor was really Dr. Ken Alibek (author of Biohazard) and not just a TA, so I got to sit at a conference table and talk with him about biodefense for 4 hours, it was pretty cool.

The most striking fact I heard was: In the envelope delivered Anthrax attack the amount of Anthrax was about 5 grams and today it is estimated that it caused about 5 billion dollars worth of damage! $1 billion/1gram wow.

I was surprised and happy to find this community, I'll share anything else interesting that I hear.
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